What Artificial Intelligence Can Do In The Next Ten Years

What AI can achieve in the next decade

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What artificial intelligence can do by the next decade is an interesting question, as futurists and scientists contemplate what artificially intelligent machines and systems can do in the future. 

In fact, I predict that we will soon find that all the inventions, discoveries, new technologies, discoveries, and innovations of the future will be the result of the computer being able to self-improve. 

That means that every single thing that we now do using manual labor will also have been done with machines. If you think about it that way, then it makes sense that we will be able to print off CDs, DVDs, paintings, photographs, videos, and even sound, just by playing a simple game on a computer. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

We all know that computers and artificial intelligence are going to completely change the way we live our lives in the future. 

Now that they are here, and we know what they can do, let's talk about what we should be thinking about right now. Of course, I'm not talking about what you should be thinking about, but about what you should be doing right now. 

There are many opportunities for you right now as we speak and the good news is that most of them are already underway and being developed by various companies around the world.

One company, in particular, that has a very exciting project called Open AI. 

An AI Machine

They are developing technology to allow artificial intelligence to operate in a collaborative manner, where it can solve problems together using its collective intelligence. This is not something that has ever been done before and they have a lot of plans and goals set for the future. 

They think that within five to ten years the first self-driving cars will be on the road and by the end of the next decade, everything will be automatic. 

But, you might be asking, what does that have to do with you? Well, think about the future of self-driving cars, where you won't have to take your child or grandchildren out for a drink, you won't even have to get out of the car yourself.

Would that be interesting to you? Well, it shouldn't be to me either. It makes me wonder how many of us really understand what artificial intelligence is? How many people have sat down and actually thought about what that means? When you do, you start to realize how deep the impact is going to be.

You know all those television shows that promise to tell you the next big break or the next big secret, well they aren't actually secrets. 

That's just what they call them. They are just marketing terms. What they are trying to do is getting you to pay attention to the television shows instead of paying attention to what it is they are saying.

Now then, it makes sense to spend some time thinking about what artificial intelligence might be capable of in the future. We know that artificial intelligence has already started to be used in some ways. 

Things like recognizing voice patterns. It's just a matter of applying that same concept to things like search engines and to computer databases and software programs.

So we know that artificial intelligence will play a huge role in our future. But the reality is it will probably be several decades before artificial intelligence takes over the entire internet. 

Even the military is starting to use artificial intelligence to help their forces with training. The interesting thing about that is we'll still be using people to put these things together.

So the question is what artificial intelligence can do by the next decade? It's something that will be considered when our economy is back on its feet and we can again look to the sky and see what we can do. 

Will humans, be able to handle what's ahead of them or will they fall to the wayside? Only time will tell, but for now, we can still look to the stars as long as we're willing to take the risk.