Hi there, I am Victor (Tsquare07)

I develop/design websites and web apps, teach people about blogging, share my experience and research about online defense & decentralized finance


Tsquare Victor
Hello, I'm a software engineer, full stack web developer and a certified digital marketer.

I enjoy creating web applications and websites for small businesses, big enterprises, and individuals who want a personal website for themselves or professional life.

You can count on me for any website development using JavaScript, PHP, Python and/or using frameworks like EmpressJs, ReactJS library and React Native for app development.
I do work with mySQL for database management and NodeJS for backend.

If you're interested in a CMS, I am experienced with WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart and even Blogger incase you just need a startup blog.

With over 3 years of experience with WordPress, I work with almost all the well-known WordPress integrations and Plugins such as WooCommerce, Elementor, Divi, Visual composer, Yoast, Google Kit, Ultimate Member, Gamipress, Learndash... and more.

If you need a site for your business, enterprise, school, or a shop where you can sell things online then you are in the right place, just get in touch.

From both the design and development of your site, I always guarantee my clients high-speed code that can run fast on any platform and is SEO optimized.










Learn Blogging

Sign up for my newsletter and let me lead you into the world of blogging by sharing my long experience in blogging, getting into blogging is not as easy as it seems but only a few that embark on it know this, I always break all the topics into small details that even an 11 year old can comprehend

Website Design

Get your dream website, when I said 'your dream' I mean every single word of it, you will have just the exact design you have captured in your vision

Online Defense

I and my team have been dedicating time and resources to get the latest information that can protect you from online scams, we have launched a community to help spread this information and I write articles about this topics here on my website to spread it further to more people, with hopes to someday have a transparent internet.

Digital Marketing

With over 2 years in the Digital marketing world and having gained experience and skills with all the common digital marketing tools, I can handle your digital marketing campaigns with a guarantee for success.


Join my community of like-minded people, it is a place to connect with people that have the same special interest and Learn about how you can defend yourself against online scams.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Are you curious about the new technology, or want to explore cryptocurrency? I write detailed articles that can give you the right knowledge about Defi and Cryptocurrency, also with partnership from Life with Crypto, you can get free access to crypto courses that are beginner friendly.

Speed Minded Designs

When designing a website, only few programmers focus on speed rather than the beauty, but from different surveys, it is found that users only wait for an average of 3 seconds for websites to load, that's short amount of time that even with the most beautiful design, the user can leave before you got a chance to impress, knowing this has helped me and my client to put user experience first, I strive for the overall speed while making sure the beauty is not left out.

Web Development

When it comes to web development, your satisfaction is my number one promise, get the website/blog that is built to your taste and vision, my gift of curiosity lead brands to strategically, creatively, and vision based perfection, I only strive for client satisfaction and my impressive listening skills allows me get the most information about the project, with more than 3 years of experience, I am certain to deliver what you desire.

SEO Optimized

I believe in the power of SEO, in any industry you are, when it comes to websites, you must have SEO in mind to make sure you're reaching your target audience, I keep this in mind while building sites for my clients, my focus on fast and mobile friendly code is one of the many factors that impact SEO.

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Tsquare07 develop/design websites, teach people about blogging, share his experience and research about Online defense & show people the way into Affiliate marketing

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Some Happy Client and Partners

Some of my happy Clients and partners says really nice things about my work ethics, I'm glad they did, and I believe you will join them soon.

James Carter

James Carter

UX Designer

Has a great talent, I found him very interesting as a partner, always curious and focused

Kelly Sunshawl

Kelly Sunshawl

Founder Life with Crypto

"Victor, I'd like to take a moment to say thank you for all you've done for us. I really appreciate your website and social media skills.

Priases Obiora

Priases Obiora

Founder Praises Obiora Stories

Never have I worked with someone with so much sincerity and determination to see that you have the best until I met Victor Terkuma. He made sure that I had the best value for my money.

Natalie McAllister

Natalie McAllister

Radio Talk-show Host

He is so fun to work with, his ability to learn anything so fast is just breathtaking, I will hire him again if I get a chance